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The Ghana Project

This Project aims to improve and or build new clinics  in rural areas of Ghana, decrease mortality and morbidity  through the  promotion of  basic hygiene procedures and equip hospitals and clinics with basic instruments, scrubs etc.

A large house in a compound has generously been made available to provide a clinic for the people living in remote villages.   This will be converted to provide treatment rooms, trainng facilities and accommodation for visting doctors.

We as a church,  have  undertaken  to support this  "Project"  by raising as much money as we can over  the  coming  months (even possibly years)  to help bring these amazing, ambitious plans to fruition.

 Together We Can!!!

Updates on the progress of this Project show everything is going according to plan. 

  • Phase 1 was completed in 2014 when the site was visited and an assessment was carried on what needed to be done. 
  • Phase 2 was completed in 2015 when an architect visited the site. 
  • Phase 3 - quotes will be sought for initial building work and security measures. Fund raising targets will become clearer.  For more information go to

Christian Aid


Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency of 41 British and Irish churches and works to achieve sustainable development, stop poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief.

 It works with 570 local partner organisations in 45 countries around the world to help the world's poorest communities.   Christian Aid Week takes place in May each year with door-to-door collections.