What do we  mean by "outreach"?  Reaching  out the  hand  of  fellowship  to  our neighbours and communities. "Love your neighbour as yourself" [Matthew 23:39].

The Church has served communities for 100s of years

  1. The Monasteries provided  food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, care for the sick and compasion for the dying.
  2. Education  was  introduced  through  Sunday Schools. [Before  State  Education].
  3. Hospices were created to aid the sick and dying.
  4. In latter centuries Church growth  brought about  spritual enlightenment through its Chrstian message encouraging  people to reach out to their Communities and do good works, bringing others into the fold.
  5. Society was influenced in evolving a moral code based on Biblical revelation and values.

Good works continue today through:

  1. Our Missionary Societies
  2. Local Churches
  3. Christian Aid and its partners. Bringing help to the needy, aid to the helpless, support to the weak  and succour to the hopeless throughout the world.

Our Welfare State tries to  address many  of our social  problems today and the Church continues to play its part, but, in Mathew 4:4
"The scripture says,  Man  cannot  live  by bread alone, but needs every word that God speaks" i.e. a Spiritual input.  

Outreach Cross

The Church is not a closed shop.  It is open to all those who are seeking that  spiritual  insight that comes from recognising  there is something greater than ourselves  as we proceed on life's journey.

Our Nation,  over hundreds of years,  has been built on  the principles of  Christian Teaching. This has given us     a  moral  code  by  which  we  can  live a healthy life, in           mind, body and spirit, underpinning much of the law on our statute books.  

Outreach Dove

We were  involved in welfare,  education  and medical care long  before  the  state  took  control  of these matters.  All these things in the name of God inspired by the Teachings of Jesus Christ through the Bible.

There is more to life than material things. Human beings have three attributes in their make up  -  Mind, Body and Spirit, and all need nourishment to prosper and develop.  


Feeding the Mind


Through education                       

Recreation for the Body


                                                                Through recreation

Inner Sprit


Through Worship, Prayer and Study.                                 

    If your Faith is weak at this time of your life and you feel distraught    
We are there for you - contact us [Romans 14 v1]

If you have had a lapse in your belief and are thinking of reconnecting  
We are there for you - contact us [Luke v15-4]

If you are confused about your faith and need spiritual guidance          
We are there for you - contact [Mathew 7 v11