About Us

Who are we?

We are part of the Hull Team Ministry along with St. Ninians & St. Andrews URC, Hull, Zion & Newland URC, Cottingham and Christ Church, Swanland, which is in a partnership between the United Reformed Church and the Methodist Church.

St Ninians & St. AndrewsChrist Church SwanlandZion with Newington URC Cottingham


Where do we come from?

Our origins go back to the time of the Civil War,  Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration. During   that    period,   'Independent'   and    English   Presbyterian   Churches   were established.   It was a turbulent time and there were many splits within congregations sometimes making history somewhat blurred.  The 'Independents' eventually became known as Congregationalists.

 1698 - 1767

 Dagger Lane Church
Dagger Lane Church (Independent)

11 members secede on doctrinal grounds
and build a new Chapel in Blanket Row

1769 - 1782
Blanket Row Chapel
Blanket Row Chapel (Independent) No images available

1782 - 1898
Fish Street Congregational Church
Fish Street Congregational Church

New Church formed in Albion Street by members of
Fish Street Congregational Church

Albion Congregational ChurchAlbion Congregational Church bombed

Albion Congregational Church
(destroyed in the 1939-45 war)

Christ Church South Ella

Congregational Church

(successor to Albion Congregational Church)

Christ Church With *Newington URC
(Newington Presbyterian/URC Church, Hull 1894-1980)

Christ Church With *Trinity URC
Trinity Congregational Church
(Trinity Congregational/URC Church, Hessle 1896-2005)

Christ Church South Ella 
Christ Church South Ella URC

What is the United Reformed Church?

The United Reformed Church plays a dynamic and challenging part in the British Christian community, despite being one of the smaller mainstream denominations. It has brought together English Presbyterians, English, Welsh and Scottish Congregationalists, and members of the Churches of Christ, through unions in 1972, 1981 and 2000. Sixty-eight thousand people make up 1500 congregations, with nearly 700 ministers, paid and unpaid.

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